In Volo sui paesaggi trapanesi Foto interna

A landscape like that of the Trapani area absolutely deserves to be enjoyed to the fullest. Beautiful beaches, mountains and green areas are waiting to be discovered by anyone wishing to enjoy a day immersed in the wonders that this area of ​​Sicily offers.

A fantastic way to admire these fantastic views is definitely paragliding.

For about thirty years now, the Sicilian Free Flight Academy, managed by aeCi instructor Adriano Patti who, with its twenty-five years of experience in free flight, has taught dozens of pilots and civilians how to fly independently and in the safest way possible.

An indescribable experience, a moment of reconciliation with nature that only those who have flown can understand: Sicily seen from the sky is a whole other thing. The most suitable areas of Trapani for paragliding are usually the Fraginesi Trazzera, near Guidaloca beach; the area of ​​San Vito lo Capo, with the fishing village of Macari and the Natural Reserve of Monte Cofano as take-off spots; ​the outskirts of Erice, and Montagna Grande.

More information can be found on the Facebook page of the Sicilian Free Flight Academy, where it is possible to get in direct contact with instructor Adriano Patti and plan with him the whole experience. The organization of the flight will naturally depend on the weather conditions, but once the right day has been selected, those who choose to fly by paragliding in Sicily will live an unforgettable and unique day.

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