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In western Sicily, there is a small medieval village which is often shrouded in a thick fog that locals say is the ethereal embrace of Venus, the Roman goddess of beauty. This village sits atop a mountain and overlooks a magnificent area dedicated to grape cultivation. This picturesque place is Erice, a beautiful and quiet mountain town which gives its name to the territory of the Erice PDO wine.  A territory characterised by a mild and temperate climate all year round which includes the municipalities of Buseto Palizzolo, Castellammare del Golfo, Custonaci, Erice, San Vito Lo Capo, Valderice, Trapani, Paceco and Favignana.

Rostro Scontornato

Roman rostrum with inscription - 3rd century B.C.

A deadly attack weapon that used to be mounted in the bow of a boat, it was used to ram enemy ships.

Made of bronze with the lost wax technique, its sides are decorated with five-petal rosettes. It is possible to read a Latin inscription on the vertical slit:

C(aius) Sestio(s)P(ubli)f(ilius)
Sex vir{o}en[bol(um)]

Gaio Sestio, figlio di Publio,
Quinto Salonio, figlio di Quinto,
seviri, hanno fatto
il collaudo del rostro

(Agostino Pepoli Regional Museum)

Auriga of Mothia

The “Young Man of Mothia” is a marble statu dating back to 450 BC - 440 BC which is kept at the Whitaker Museum in Mozia, a small island located in the Marsala Lagoon, near Trapani. The statue depicts a draped male figure, perhaps a charioteer of the Greek school. Probably, the author was Euphronius of Samo.

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A unique territory
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The wealth of Sicily
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10 tours to discover the traditions,
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A journey full of charm
dthrough time and history .


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