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Erice PDO Area

In western Sicily, there is a small medieval village which is often shrouded in a thick fog that locals say is the ethereal embrace of Venus, the Roman goddess of beauty. This village sits atop a mountain and overlooks a magnificent area dedicated to grape cultivation. This picturesque place is Erice, a beautiful and quiet mountain town which gives its name to the territory of the Erice PDO wine.  A territory characterised by a mild and temperate climate all year round which includes the municipalities of Buseto Palizzolo, Castellammare del Golfo, Custonaci, Erice, San Vito Lo Capo, Valderice, Trapani, Paceco and Favignana.

Splendid landscapes enriched by the presence of luxuriant vineyards and suggestive natural beauties are the frame of  this area full of history, renowned for its magnificent archaeological sites where events that have profoundly marked Sicily and this part of the Mediterranean took place. Events that have been narrated over the centuries by the likes of Herodotus, Diodorus Siculus, Strabo, Tacitus, Suetonius. Here stand places like Segesta, with the Greek theater, the temple, the castle, the mosque, the fortifications of Porta di Valle and the house of Navarca; Erice, with the Norman castle and the Balio Gardens; Favignana and the other Egadi islands, where a battle took place in 241 B.C. which marked the end of the Carthaginian empire and the establishment of the pax romana, changing the history of the whole  Mediterranean Sea.

Here it is possible to visit the Trapani and Paceco Salt Pans, where the reflection of the sun on the salt crystals and on the sea water creates magnificent chromatic effects throughout the day; the Zingaro Nature Reserve, where spontaneous vegetation stands out against the blue of the sky and the crystalline sea that creeps between ravines and coves; cities rich in history such as Trapani with its baroque churches, the result of the conversion of mosques done by the Spanish viceroys.




Wine Route Erice D.O.C.

Registered office in the Municipality of Erice

Piazza Umberto I, 3 Erice (TP)

 +39 0923 882755

Municipal wine shop

 Via Conte Agostino Pepoli, 11 Erice Vetta

 + 39 0923 860102; 

Board of Directors

President: Salvino Craparotta

Councilors: Lilly Ferro Fazio; Federico Lombardo di Monte Iato; Giuseppe Pellegrino; Angela Monia Ruggirello; Paolo Salerno; Girolamo Sugamele; Giuseppe Vultaggio.

There are numerous vineyards and wineries scattered throughout this area whose particular morphology of the soil, dry climate, perfect level of ventilation and sun exposure make it a production area of ​​excellence and an international reference for quality Sicilian wines.

For these organoleptic characteristics, the wine production of this area obtained the coveted recognition of the Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) in 2004. Inzolia, Lucido (Catarratto), Grillo, Grecanico, Nero d'Avola are the unmistakable fruits of the native vineyards. Nowadays, the Erice PDO territory stands out also for the production of excellent wines of different origin such as Zibibbo, Sauvignon, Passito, Moscato, Spumante Dolce and Spumante Brut.

The STRADA DEL VINO ERICE DOC Association recognised by decree of the Regional Department of Agriculture, Rural Development and Mediterranean Fishing No. 981 of 20/07/2005, based on Regional Law 02/02/2002 n ° 5 and by L.N. 27/07/1999 n° 268, was created with the aim of enhancing the territory by showcasing its beauties and highlighting its productive activities.

The STRADA Association connects a series of Public and Private Bodies, Higher Education Institutions, luxury resorts and typical restaurants, contributing to economic growth of the whole area. The synergies between the members make the offer of services to visitors and residents of the area very diversified.

The visitors, in addition to the wines, can appreciate the gastronomy of the area of Trapani which is characterised by unforgettable flavours linked to both the sea and the land, elaborated with ingredients that give each dish a unique and unparalleled taste such as local olive oil, cheeses, tuna, pasta, fish, meat and aromatic herbs.

One of the most famous dishes of the area is the cous-cous, which is celebrated every year in the month of September with a dedicated festival held in the town of San Vito Lo Capo. Another food gem of this area is the busiate, a kind of fresh pasta which is very often seasoned with Trapanese pesto, a local variation of the famous Genoese one. Last but not least, let’s not forget the sweets of Badìa, small cakes created in the convents by the nuns and many other sweet and savory delicacies.

Moreover, thanks to the STRADA Association it is possible to practice particular sports, such as those marked by the wind like paragliding and kite surfing. Paragliding in San Vito lo Capo from Monte Monaco and Monte Cofano, from Erice and from Castellammare del Golfo are surely unforgettable experiences just like kite surfing on the beach of San Giuliano and in the Stagnone di Mozia. In the area, there is also one of the best routes in Italy where to ride Enduro motorcycles: a 73.42 km long road connecting Monte Inici, Casa Castello di Baida and Monte Sparagio.

Other and more relaxing activities include pleasant and fun walks at the San Matteo State Property, located near Erice,  where it is possible to meet and learn everything about the Pantesco Donkeys, a local breed of family-friendly donkeys.

In short, the STRADA DEL VINO ERICE DOC Association lets visitors and residents enjoy a magical and articulated itinerary, which is frequently proposed by tourist agencies all over the world.

Type of wines

The Doc Erice line includes different types of vinification ranging from White to Late Harvest Zibibbo, Late Harvest Sauvignon, Passito, Moscato, Red and Red Riserva, Spumante Dolce and Spumante Brut.

Erice Bianco Doc (White Erice PDO) - must be vinified using a minimum of 60% of the Lucido grape (Cataratto) and the remaining 40% from other non-aromatic white grape varieties. It is characterised by a straw yellow color with greenish reflections and a delicate and fragrant scent. The dry flavour is harmonious and lively.

Doc Erice Rosso and Rosso Riserva Doc (Red Erice DOP and Red Riserva Erice DOP) - is obtained using a minimum of 60% of grapes from Calabrese or Nero d'Avola vines while the remaining 40% is obtained from grape varieties of similar colour. Before being released for consumption, the Riserva must be aged for a minimum period of two years. Both are characterised by an intense ruby red color and a moderately tannic and dry flavour.