One night the wine was singing in the bottles […] I know what toil, and pain, and sweat you thole, under the roasting sun on slopes of fire, to give me life and to beget my soul (Charles Baudelaire – The flowers of evil). 

A land of great wines which with extraordinary climatic conditions that has increased, over the years, the production rates with radical transformations which have allowed to meet the demands of the international market. 

“We believe that the landscape is the absolute protagonist with its colors and scents. Nature certainly plays its role, but the landscape identity of a territory is also a cultural fact. It is the result of the economic choices of the communities that live there, their social assets and even their eating habits.  

“Landscape is the culture of a society made visible. When the bunches begin to ripen and the harvesting season begins, the countryside with its farms, the industrial plants and the villages of the area are all invaded by intense and iridescent scents. 

“In the landscape of the soul of those who today travel the countryside of our continent, annually the miracle of the sacredness of wine is renewed, by the virtue of the ancient God, lord of love and dreams, of memory and oblivion”.
(Girolamo Cusimano – from “Sicily the island of wine” – Kalòs Editions – 2005) 

This is the intrinsic value of the wine routes. 

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Un territorio unico nel suo genere,
ricco di fascino e generosità,
da vivere e raccontare
con tanta emozione.

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La ricchezza della Sicilia
sta nella diversità dei suoi territori
che rendono quest'isola unica
agli occhi del mondo.

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10 itinerari per scoprire tradizioni,
arte, natura e sapori della Erice D.O.C.
Un viaggio nel tempo
d'incomparabile fascino.

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